“Consulting for Visionaries and Entrepreneurs”


Joshua_A_Haarbrink_6In a world where open-source ideas and practices intermix freely on a global scale, I contribute my creative and productive efforts to supporting a social and cultural movement that is clearly driven towards innovation and the advancement of society in new and exciting ways.  The dynamic trends and business theories that make up this movement directly impact the evolution of business models that are focused on achieving efficiency and productivity while maintaining a focus on functionality, sustainability and service.  The key lies in studying these factors to identify which approaches can be utilized to establish general operations as well as overcome unique challenges for any given venture.

Visionaries contain within them the passion of ideas and images of the future, but may lack components of the structure and foundation that is needed to successfully actualize on their visions.  Entrepreneurs are often drawn to the independence and freedom of self-employed business, but may be in need of external resources to achieve their desired level of success.  Ultimately, my professional goal is to seek out opportunities to support these brave and innovative pioneers by providing and applying my own experience, knowledge and resources in a variety of fields to further their development and success.


Joshua_A_Haarbrink_beachThroughout my varied travels in business and social circles, many ask “What do you do?”, to which I often reply “What do you need done?”  With a response like this, I frequently find that those seeking answers to their business questions may not even be entirely sure of what their question is and in some cases are not exactly sure what they are trying to accomplish.  Our pursuits – whether personal or professional – are always driven forward by deeper underlying desires and perspectives that are often difficult to satisfy because we don’t fully understand or grasp the significance of the motivator.  To truly discover the solutions we seek, we must dig deep and ask questions that stimulate the conversations that are the true source of understanding and clarity.  This of course has the potential to open a Pandora’s Box of internal callings and conflicts that can extend well beyond the relatively focused tasks of seeking business-related solutions, but it is with this mindset that I engage in connecting with others to seek out and create optimal performance in a wide variety of applications.

Business / Social Networking

Today’s environment of mass communication and exposure fueled by Facebook, Twitter, blogs and webzines, provides a dynamic and highly malleable medium that can allow for endless digital and print marketing opportunities, but can also make it easy to forget the human component of networking.  In every corner of the world, business is negotiated via professional channels and within communities of mutual interests, shared circumstances, and time-tested trust.  Corporate performance reports, detailed statistics and public opinion indicate a business’ status, but personal and professional reputation management is critical in developing the relationships that bring resources together to create the kind of environments that are crucial to commercial success.  Through the ongoing development of my own networks and the interconnected networks of others, resources can be rapidly and effectively sought out and applied to new opportunities.  The focus of reputation management is not only considered within my own practices, but is also reflected in the connections that are maintained and developed through direct professional – and often times personal – experience with those contacts.

Interpersonal Relations

Developing a healthy reputation requires the maintenance of relationships at all levels.  Whether it is expressed in the form of establishing a respectful, encouraging and productive work environment for employees, managing contractor and vendor relations or ensuring the satisfaction of share holders, it is essential to identify and implement the most basic of relational components: honesty, mutual respect and shared effort/benefit.

Intercultural Relations

The dynamic global marketplace of today offers an overwhelming amount of diversity in products, opportunities and especially culture.  Despite access to an international wealth of information, lack of awareness and appreciation of intercultural factors frequently leads to misunderstanding and failure-to-launch.  While it may seem obvious that businesses operating in the international environment must be aware of cultural and communications differences, it is of course also imperative to be cognizant of differences within an organization.  With a rich multicultural background as well as experience in business development in the North American and Latin American environments, I realize the importance of encouraging productive communications by increasing awareness and familiarity through exposure and education.

Management Systems

In any business or organization, efficacy and efficiency are keys to productivity. With ever-expanding and evolving sources of business theory and philosophy, countless tools and practices are available to develop the right framework with which to operate a functional and productive entity.  With an appropriate investment in necessary management resources and processes to support that framework, an organization can not only realize it’s optimal productivity, but also minimize losses as well as rapidly and effectively adjust to previously unforeseen developments both beneficial and detrimental.

Physical Security / Loss Prevention

One of the keys to efficient operation of a business or successful completion of a project is identifying and adequately securing the five assets of any business:  1) Personnel, 2) Products/Services 3) Finances 4) Real Property 5) Data.  The relative priority of these assets may vary from application to application, but these essential and universal components represent the overall true value of any organization or pursuit and must be guarded as such.  Securing this diverse mix of resources may require a variety of solutions ranging from establishing operational practices to implementing physical security systems, but ultimately demands approaching any development scenario with a cautious and real-world eye towards potential losses.


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